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SPLC — New England’s “Hate Groups” 2018

August 18, 2019

Recently we posted a review of the alleged “hate groups” the Southern Poverty Law Center had assigned to the Commonwealth of Virginia for 2018. We broke our results into three separate categories – those with confirmed physical addresses or no confirmed information whatsoever, those appearing to be online entities only (websites, blogs or vendors) and those that the SPLC has designated as “statewide.”

That review began with a lengthy, but necessary, preamble, which we will condense here:

  • There is no legal or universal definition for “hate group”
  • The SPLC is the sole arbitrator of the lucrative “hate group” label, based on its own intentionally broad definition: “All hate groups attack or malign other groups.”
  • Post Office boxes or Private Mail Boxes (PMBs) are not “hate groups”
  • Web entities are not “hate groups,” even by the SPLC’s own definitions.
  • The SPLC’s “statewide” designation is meaningless, as it provides no verifiable information whatsoever that a donor or journalist could use to verify the claim. The term is therefore meaningless and all “statewide” groups are considered to be null and void. Fully 322 of the 1,020 alleged groups designated by the SPLC for 2018 are “statewide” phantoms, or one-in-three. The SPLC added 107 “statewide” groups in 2017 alone.
  • Watching the Watchdogs reviewed this list using basic web-searching techniques available to all journalists, researchers and donors. We do not imply that the results are in any way flawless, nor does this review imply advocacy or promotion of the beliefs or doctrines of any of the groups listed.
  • We welcome all corrections, comments or other verifiable information. We would especially appreciate hearing directly from the SPLC itself, as they are known to monitor this blog.

And with the formalities out of the way… on with the show.

We chose New England for the second review because it covers six states together, many of which are home to thousands of Progressive SPLC donors. It is our hope that this information will help to illustrate just how spurious the SPLC’s “hate group” claims are.

For starters, 19 of New England’s 35 alleged groups are “statewide” phantoms, or 54% of the total, right off the top.

Connecticut 2018

Connecticut – 2018

Four of the six alleged groups the SPLC assigned to Connecticut this year are “statewide” phantoms. All Eyes on Egipt [sic] is part of a chain of black-owned bookstores.

ACT for America is an online advocacy group that no longer identifies local chapters, though some maintain individual Facebook pages, with no physical locations provided. ACT requires new members to register as individual activists only. The SPLC claims 47 ACT chapters across the country, but provides no physical address information.

Maine 2018

Maine – 2018

Two of Maine’s alleged groups are “statewide” phantoms, and while there is a Facebook page for a Maine chapter of ACT, there was no information connecting it to the town of Norway.

A bizarre situation played out in the tiny town of Jackman, Maine, (population 900) last year. The Jackman Town Manager, Tom Kawczynski, made no secret of his white nationalist beliefs (after he was elected to office) and promoted an all-white utopia he called “New Albion.”

As the Daily Kos reported in January, 2018, the people of Jackman pitched in $30,000 out of their own pockets to pay off the racist and send him on his way. Kawcynski told the Daily Kos that he was packing up his one-man website and leaving town.

Even though this “group,” and presumably the “National Right,” also allegedly of Jackman, (one wonders who was behind that site?), have vanished from the Internet, the SPLC keeps them on the 2018 “Hate Map” because all fundraising materials for 2019 are based on a fixed number of 1,020 “hate groups,” and removing any for any reason would smack of fallibility.

Mass 2018

Massachusetts – 2018

Four out of eleven of the Bay State’s alleged groups are “statewide” phantoms. Three of four of its alleged Black Nationalist groups have physical addresses that can be verified on Google Maps. The remainder appear to be websites only.

As we noted on the Virginia groups posting, the SPLC claims that Black Nationalist groups are the largest and fastest growing category of “hate group” on its “Hate Map” fundraising tool.

The SPLC’s Black Nationalist groups fall into three broad segments: Militant groups, such as the New Black Panther Party and its clones. Some 76 Nation of Islam mosques, which are not labeled as “Muslim hate groups,” as they would challenge the existential threat from the SPLC’s 100 highly lucrative “anti-Muslim hate groups,” of which nearly half are ACT for America Facebook pages.

At least another 120 groups are Black Hebrews, whose main claim to “hate” comes from the fact that have the audacity to “assert that black people are the biblical “chosen people” of God.”

According to the SPLC, Black “hate groups” outnumber ALL of the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi and Racist Skinhead “groups” on the “Hate Map” COMBINED, at 264 versus 262. Strip out the “statewide” phantoms and Black “hate groups” outnumber the other four categories combined BY THREE TO ONE, at 252 versus 82.

Remember the narrative, folks: “White hate groups are on the rise!”

New Hampshire 2018

New Hampshire – 2018

New Hampshire presents an interesting case as six of ten of its alleged groups are “statewide.” ACT for America maintains a Facebook page for Hollis, NH, which is right next-door to Nashua, and, oddly enough, the Hopkinton Facebook chapter is out of Hopkinton, Massachusetts… oops!

The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are a Catholic organization located in the woods of tiny Richmond, NH, (population 1,155). The group has been disavowed by the Catholic Church proper, all the way up to the Pope.

IHS Media is the online bookstore for the Slaves, located in the same building, but the SPLC likes to count some groups twice.

Rhode Island - Vermont 2018

Rhode Island – Vermont – 2018

Since all three of the alleged groups assigned to Rhode Island and Vermont are homeless phantoms, we’ll just combine the two states and ignore all of the claims at the same time.

Just for laughs, since more than half of the alleged groups the SPLC assigned to New England last year are homeless phantoms, it might be instructive to see how some of the Northeast’s “statewide” groups stack up nationwide.

Statewide 2018

SPLC “Statewide” groups -2018

As it turns out, 169 of the 210 alleged “hate groups” listed above are “statewide,” or 80% of the total. There are still more than 100 others on the nationwide list, but we thought it would be instructive to show in just how many cases all, or nearly all, of the alleged “groups” turn out to be unverifiable, homeless ghosts.

So there you have it. Of the 35 alleged groups the SPLC assigned to the six New England states only a handful have verifiable, physical addresses, and nearly all of those are black “hate groups.” The rest seem to exist only in cyberspace, and more than half exist only in the imaginations and fundraising propaganda of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Considering the company took in over $111 million donor-dollars in2018 and $130 million more, based largely on these flimsy claims, some of you readers might consider reporting this to your state attorneys general as potential consumer fraud.

Watching the Watchdogs will be happy to provide any additional information upon request.

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