Hate Crime Hoax Resources

One of the best resources for the documentation of hate crime hoaxes is the Fake Hate Crimes website. Its information is up-to-date and all sources (generally published news media accounts) are cited.

Researchers and other users are encouraged to forward accounts of proven hate crime hoaxes along for inclusion on the site.

A similar site that also offers an interactive map showing the distribution of hate crime hoaxes across the U.S. is the Fake Hate Map. FHM also vets submissions contributed by users.

Both of these sites identify hoax cases going back at least into the 1980s. In cases where the links provided may no longer be accessible online, try pasting the URL into the Internet Archive’s amazing Wayback Machine research tool. The Wayback Machine can be a little slow at times, but considering the millions upon millions of web pages it has archived, it is still a priceless resource.

Update: A very useful Reddit site, “HoaxHateCrimes” has come to our attention recently. It has hundreds of hoax-related posts and article links.

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