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A Great Source for SPLC Information

August 7, 2011

Watching the Watchdogs is only one of a myriad number of groups around the country who seek to expose the public relations practices, highly questionable fund-raising tactics and dangerous media manipulations of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

One such group is the Georgia Heritage Council, who have compiled a listing of excellent articles on the SPLC as well as many other players in the alphabet-soup Hate Industry.

Watching the Watchdogs is pleased to share a link to this excellent resource.

Although the Internet has allowed the SPLC to reach more unwitting donors and witless media outlets, the growing body of facts and figures that can be found online may ultimately prove to be their downfall.

SPLC — Send Millionaire Mo money for his birthday

December 16, 2009

December 16 is the birthday of Klan lawyer and Southern Poverty Law Center founder, millionaire Morris Dees.

For those who may have forgotten the big day, the SPLC has sent out a special reminder that also doubles as a fund-raising tool.

For a cash donation, you can send Mr. Dees a personalized birthday greeting.  “We’ll make sure he receives your message” promises the pitch. You have no way of verifying this claim, but hey, has the SPLC ever lied to you before?

For as little as ten dollars, you too can “honor” Mr. Dees’ “tireless crusade for justice and tolerance.” A bargain at twice the price.

But wait! There’s more! If you commit to a monthly donation payment plan, you can “join a special group called Friends of the Center.” What better way to honor the lawyer who has gotten more Klansmen OUT of prison than he’s ever sent there?

“Special Friends” get their names projected on the Wall of Tolerance at SPLC headquarters, an honor exceeding even that of joining Potok’s Pinheads on the Stand Strong Against Hate map.

As Mr. Dees points out in his autobiography, A Season for Justice, this ol’ Alabama farm boy made his first fortune while still in law school. After graduation, Mr. Dees created one of the most successful mail-order companies of the 1960s. So successful, in fact, that soon after getting Montgomery Klansman Claude Henley off scot-free from federal charges of attacking a busload of Freedom Riders, Dees closed his law office in order to concentrate on the world of direct mail full-time.

As the decade of the 60s wound down to a close, Dees sold the business for six million dollars. Mr. Dees has been a millionaire for the nearly forty years since.

The SPLC has enjoyed support in the range of $26 million to $30 million donor dollars for each of the past five years, in addition to nearly matching amounts from the interest on their $156 MILLION donor dollar Endowment Fund, (although the fund did take a nearly $50 million dollar hit last year, dropping it from a record $201 million).

As reported here just recently, of the $30 million donor dollars the SPLC took in last year, only $1.36 million, or 4.5%, went to actual “legal case costs”. Meanwhile, the SPLC spent $1.88 million donor dollars on fund-raising postage.

So dig deep, friends. Fund-raising postage costs are bound to go up again next year. Millionaire Morris Dees scrapes by on a paltry compensation of $350,000 a year, (including the $20,000 donor dollar raise he gave himself in 2008), and $10,000 a pop for his frequent speaking engagements.

Honor Millionaire Mo for his achievements, like the Direct Marketing Association did when they named him to their fund-raising Hall of Fame. It’s only money.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Dees!

More “Tolerance” from the SPLC

November 13, 2009

When CNN’s Lou Dobbs announced on November 11 that he was stepping down from that network, one could almost hear the shouts of joy ringing out from Montgomery.

“Damn, if we haven’t done it again!”

The reason for all the glee? The ever-tolerant Southern Poverty Law Center had added its mite to the war on silencing anyone who disagrees with those who are making millions off the backs of illegal aliens.

Yesterday, yet another fund-raising letter from multimillionaire Dick Cohen arrived in the e-mail, crowing about how the SPLC had silenced another dissident.

“Can’t have free speech breaking out around here. It might foment “hate” and so we’ll just have to bludgeon all “wrong thinkers” early and often. Oh, and by the way, here’s how you can send us more money…”

If it were not for the fact that so many elderly people, on fixed incomes, believe the SPLC’s public relations releases and send in tens of millions of donor dollars a year, Cohen’s spiel would be laughable.

Dobbs, it seems, “used his platform to spread myths and propaganda,” sez Cohen, from his platform.

Dobbs was “poisoning the debate over immigration reform,” says the SPLC, which routinely smears anyone who stands to the right of its ultra left-wing policies as “anti-immigrant,” “nativist,” “white supremacist,” and of course, whenever two or more are gathered, as a “hate group”.

And Dobbs was “inciting fear and hate against Latinos,” but no mention is made, either in the PR press release or on the SPLC website, of the fact that thanks to the hate-filled rhetoric of the SPLC, La Raza and others making money off the illegal alien industry, someone fired a shot at Lou Dobbs and his wife in October.

Tolerance is a beautiful thing, baby.

Cohen continues by stating that Dobbs got his information from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, (FAIR), a group the SPLC has designated as a “hate group”. Cohen, realizing full well that the term “hate groups” is meaningless as it has no legal definition, even the FBI doesn’t track “hate groups” for that reason. A “hate group” is pretty much whatever Cohen and his fellow multimillionaires at the Center, Dees and Levin, deem it to be.

(In March 2008, SPLC public relations guru, Mark Potok summed up the SPLC’s official definition of what exactly constitutes a “hate” group by stating that “…a “hate group” has nothing to do with criminality[or] potential for violence…” Rather, as Potok put it, “It’s all about ideology.”)

Basically, if you disagree with their ideology, the SPLC will smear you as a “hate group”.

Naturally, Cohen’s note ends with a link where folks can send him more money. The SPLC has fallen on hard times, due to the current recession, and is down to its last $156 MILLION, tax-free donor dollars, so your help has never been more important.

Remember folks, the first million donor dollars you send in has to be split between Cohen, Dees and Levin, who have all been multimillionaires for decades.

Only you can fight free speech in America. Give ’til it hurts


Southern Poverty Law Center
Nov. 12, 2009Dear Friend,

Last night, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs announced his departure from the network. As you know, we’ve been highly critical of Dobbs because he has used his platform to spread myths and propaganda — poisoning the debate over immigration reform and inciting fear and hate against Latinos.

The SPLC was one of the first groups to bring public attention to Dobbs’ use of false information provided by racist hate groups.

With your support, we exposed his wildly inaccurate reporting about immigrants — such as his insistence that immigrants had brought thousands of new cases of leprosy to the United States during a recent three-year period.

And we condemned his reliance on the Federation for American Immigration Reform as an authority on immigration issues. This is an organization we have named a hate group with longtime ties to white supremacists.

This past July, we called on CNN executives to fire Dobbs after he relentlessly promoted the racist and utterly baseless idea that President Obama is not a native-born American citizen. Soon thereafter, a number of other organizations joined our call.

Immigration reform is an important and complex issue, one that should be debated honestly. We hope that Dobbs’ resignation sends a message to other commentators that the airwaves shouldn’t be used to vent extremist rhetoric and fan the flames of hate. Doing so has serious and sometimes violent consequences, as illustrated by the rise in hate crimes against Latinos and the unprecedented number of threats against Obama.

We are committed to exposing those who disseminate misinformation that foments hate. Together, we took a stand, and our actions made a difference. Thank you for everything you do to combat bigotry and intolerance.

Richard Cohen photo Thank you for your support,
Richard Cohen
J. Richard Cohen
President, Southern Poverty Law Center

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