I’m Richard Keefe and I live in Virgina. I’m a lifelong student of language and communication, and I’m especially interested how language is used and mis-used by special interest groups.

Of particular interest is the Southern Poverty Law Center, of Montgomery, Alabama. Billing itself as a “premier civil rights group” and “hate watchdog,” the SPLC uses a variety of public relations and classic persuasion techniques to shape public discourse.

Disclaimer: Any time one discusses the activities of certain self-appointed “watchdog’ groups, those groups will inevitably attempt to link their critics to the very organizations they are allegedly “watching.”

I do not now, nor have I ever belonged to any of the ‘mainstream hate groups” the SPLC “monitors,” such as the Klan, Skinheads, neo-Nazis, or any other group of that ilk.

That being said, I freely admit that I believe that sovereign governments should have control over who enters their countries, and “some of my best friends” are Catholics, Protestants, academics and publishers. All of the above have been designated “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

My intent for this blog is to simply point out how the SPLC operates, using nothing more than documents created by the SPLC, published news reports, and the writings of SPLC founder, Morris Dees.

If you see something that doesn’t look right, please contact me immediately.  I’d especially appreciate notifications of web links that are no longer active.

All points of view are welcome here, however, rude, insulting, threatening or otherwise imbecilic comments will be deleted.

18 Responses to “About”

  1. Jim Says:

    Richard I appreciate your blog. Your pointing out that none of the top 10 at SPLC are minorities caused pause and shaking of the head.
    I, like you, do not and never have belonged to any “weird” groups.
    Keep up the good work.

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      Thanks, Jim,

      All I’m trying to do is to educate people and encourage them to look beyond the polished public relations press releases. All of the information I pass along comes from public sources, much of it from the SPLC’s own web site.

  2. Scott Says:

    Quality work. I find it rather telling of B. Levin’s organizational attention to detail that Eric Robert Rudolph is still listed among his group’s “Most Wanted” on their website, despite having been captured seven years ago.

    Keep ’em coming.

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      Thanks, Scott,

      I noticed that Mr. Levin’s blog hasn’t been updated since April and there has been no sign of him or his one-man “center” in the news for the past month or two. Perhaps he’s taking a much needed vacation from “fighting hate”.

  3. Izzy Says:

    Mr. Keefe would you like a complimentary of The Social Contract’s Expose of the SPLC, and, perhaps, you could write a review on your blog?

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      Ms. Lyman, I have read the Social Contract Quarterly’s superb exposé on the SPLC and I recommend it highly to everyone who wants a better insight into the methods, manipulations and motives of America’s most profitable “non-profit.”


      Your suggestion of a review is very intriguing. I will definitely consider it in the coming weeks.

      I would also recommend your extremely well-written blog to anyone looking for the real stories of illegal immigration that get little or no exposure in the media. Groups like the SPLC and other misery merchants rake in hundreds of millions of dollars a year from donors who are simply ignorant of the facts.

  4. Izzy Says:

    Great! And thank you for reading my blog. But if you would like a hard copy, please let me know. The cover is really cool!

  5. E Says:

    I once was a fan of the SPLC – back in the mid-90s, particularly after the ’95 OKC bombing (being from OKC). I was in the military and a battalion equal opportunity representative and have always been interested in political, social, and religious fringe groups. I’ve never been a member of a hate/extremist group (unless you count the U.S. military as an extremist group!). However, even during that time I was always curious as to what defined a hate group and this always bothered me. I am now a history teacher and refuse to use any curriculum or educational material offered for free from the SPLC even when recommended by other educators. It has always interested me that they never seem to define hate from the left, but only from the right. It’s disturbing that an organization such as this is considered “non-partisan” by many educators and a legitimate source of material.

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      I cannot thank you enough for that thoughtful comment. People like you are precisely my intended audience. All I’m trying to do here is encourage thinking people to look beyond the SPLC’s slickly polished public relations blurbs and actually read what they are saying; to actually look at the SPLC’s own reports and data, their IRS returns (which the SPLC posts on their own web site), and say, “Wait a minute… this doesn’t make any sense at all.”

      The SPLC and its die-hard supporters will immediately smear any legitimate criticism as “racism,” and for many years that was all it would take to stifle the conversation. Today, the Internet and free blog sites like WordPress will provide the tools that will eventually put the Misery Merchants like the SPLC out of business.

      Thank you again for posting. You’ve reaffirmed everything I’ve been trying to do here.

  6. Dan Says:

    This is an excellent blog. I’m curious what your opinion of the ADL(Anti-Defamation league) is. They share very similar “tactics”

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Dan.

      The ADL does employ very similar tactics to the SPLC, but they tend to operate within a more religious sphere, and not knowing enough about religion to speak competently, I choose to focus on their somewhat secular comrades in Montgomery.

      As for the SPLC, all I know is what I read on their own web site and the numbers just never seem to add up.

      Thanks again,


  7. SydneyTrads Says:

    SydneyTrads would like to contact Richard Keefe but cannot locate an email address for “Watching the Watchers”.

  8. Kevin Wilmeth Says:

    I found my way here (years late, apparently) on a link from one of the SPLC’s many targets, and at least on first glance I’m pretty impressed at the quality of your work. If further content reviews similarly, I will be happy to send what meager link-love I can generate. (Your style will doubtless prove more effective than mine, in informing those who can be reached. Not only am I a heretic to nearly everyone already, but I’m also nearly out of what used to be legendary patience.)

    Sadly, such flashlight work is sorely needed in these tiresome times; hopefully it helps to know that at least some of the little people out here appreciate both the work, and the art of the work. Please, do keep it coming. It matters.

  9. Leslee Says:

    Still need a photo of Michael Toohey? If so, his LinkedIn page is at: which shows one prior place of employment was as Executive Vice President at The Colonial Company. A 10-31-02 photo of Michael Toohey when he held that position can be found at: (Please note that all of this information was found by online search on public sites and only website addresses have been pasted here to you; not material from those pages.) Keep up the great work!

  10. obbop Says:

    Your message about the SPLC needs to be made as widely visible as possible. Have you considered a Pinterest page to accompany your blog? I do it with my blogs. Add a picture to a blog entry and you can then “pin” the pic to your Pinterest page that links back to the page where the pic is located. Taxt can be entered to accompany the pic. Once the pic is “pinned” to your Pinterest page you can add more text entries. There is 500 character limit to the text bit is often ample to describe the page where clicking on the “pin” takes you.

    I pinned one of your blog pages using the graph displayed on the blog entry page. Folks reblogging your site also assists in getting the word out about a group that disgusts me.

    Keep up the good work. The elite-owned media sure ignores weirdness as seen with the SPLC.

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      Thanks for the tip and your interest. There are a lot of media options I need to look into. I certainly have enough images I could use. Thanks again.

  11. tinatrent Says:

    Super resource, thanks. I’ll be writing a broadside about the hate crimes industry this fall in anticipation of fighting against the law again in Georgia, and I’ll certainly go over your work. I write about it as well and have lobbied against the Georgia bill since 1999, when I successfully helped plant a poison pill in the bill — it passed but with no victim categories per my suggestion that they were biased, and then it was overturned in the courts on the grounds of vagueness — an interesting story. You can find a chapter I wrote on the development of the hate crimes industry on the homepage of my eponymous blog — tinatrent.com — and also many articles about disparate enforcement of the laws.

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