SPLC – The [white] Beat Goes On…

Today the SPLC proudly announced the accession of Lisa Sahulka to the six-digit salary post of Chief Operating Officer for the esteemed “civil rights” organization.



Ms. Sahulka perpetuates a FOUR-DECADES-LONG policy of hiring only white candidates to the esteemed “civil rights” organization’s Executive Suite.

When the SPLC’s hometown newspaper, the Montgomery Advertiser, had the temerity to ask SPLC founder Morris Dees why there were no minority executives working at the famed “civil rights” organization as late as 1994, (23 years after Mr. Dees opened the doors of the esteemed institution…), Mr. Dees replied, ā€œIt is not easy to find black lawyers. Any organization can tell you that.ā€

Apparently, nearly 20 years later, it’s not easy to find black executives, fundraisers or computer programmers either, which is why the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Executive Suite is as lily-white today as when Mo Dees opened the doors in 1971.

It reminds us of the NFL/NBA’s hollow protests for forty years that “Well, we would hire black General Managers, only there aren’t any…”

Some things just don’t change in Montgomery, and if Morris “Atticus Finch” Dees has any say in the matter, they never will.

Remember folks, send the SPLC all the money you can afford, early and often. They’re down to their last quarter-BILLION tax-free dollars.




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