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Longtime readers of Watching the Watchdogs, if their comments are accurate, have an appreciation of the information and analysis of Southern Poverty Law Center fundraising propaganda we provide here.

Oftentimes there is a lot of data to digest, at least in a written form, but as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. To that end, we have endeavored to create a series of short (to accommodate the attention-span-challenged) video clips to show just how really simple it is to find the SPLC’s raw data, almost all of it found on the SPLC’s own web site, so that the viewer can evaluate it for themselves.

We ask no one to take our word for it, but we do ask the viewer to go directly to the source, as we have, see the data for themselves and come to their own conclusions. If you think we’re way off base then please tell us so. All intelligent comments and criticisms are welcome.

These are nothing more than the simple fact checks any real journalist should make before blindly quoting Mark Potok’s press releases. This isn’t “hate,” this isn’t “domestic terrorism,” it’s Journalism 101. These are the basic fact checks the Media should make, but won’t. Check back for additional installments.

First off, Media Guide #1 is a brief examination of the fallacy of the “hate group” label, the bedrock foundation of all SPLC fundraising propaganda. There’s no legal definition for the term, so just what exactly is this “law center” tracking?

Media Guide #2 examines the bogus bookkeeping behind SPLC’s public relations chief Mark Potok’s “hate incident’ log.  Most of these “incidents” are so tenuous, from teenagers carving swastikas into park benches to 8-year-olds threatening the President. More than a third of them are nothing more than updates on earlier events. How thug vandals pleading “not guilty” in criminal court is a “hate incident” is beyond us, but the Media and the all-important donors swallow it hook, line and sinker.

Media Guide #3 examines the preposterous proposition that NOT ONE of the top executives at the “nation’s leading civil rights organization” is a minority, and that this has been the case since Morris Dees opened the doors to the SPLC in 1971. The Executive Suite at the SPLC, which overlooks Martin Luther King’s home church in Montgomery, the birthplace of the American Civil Rights Movement, has been home to “whites only” for more than 40 years. Think about that…

Media Guide #4 explores the “ironic” fact that once one strips out all of the “homeless hate groups” discussed in the first video guide, it turns out that the largest single category of “hate group” in America is Black, according to Mark Potok’s bogus figures. The video also includes an excellent example of the Liberal Media’s inability to comprehend that the SPLC’s fundraising numbers are not based in reality.

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2 Responses to “SPLC Media Guides”

  1. Education Voodoo Says:

    Louisville’s newspaper has used the questionable data and research from the Southern Poverty Law Center to support our school district’s forced busing plan – it’s the last district-wide forced busing plan in the nation. They claim that schools need diversity (racial and socioeconomic) even though our test scores are in freefall. They just get worse every year.

    Like SPLC, the Courier-Journal has no black highly-paid executives. Their only black member of the editorial board and columnist was fired about a year ago during Gannett’s downsizing. Like SPLC, our local school district, Jefferson County Public Schools, saves virtually ALL of the highest-paid positions for whites.

    At Bloom Elementary, which was at the center of the 2007 SCOTUS decision that struck down race-based admissions, our principal has hired over twenty people in the past seven years – all of them white with the exception of one black guy: the janitor.

    Thank you for your blog. I know it’s hard work. Keep up the great work!

    P.S. I found you through your comments on the Huffington Post.

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      Thank you for your kind comments. Between us all we can easily expose the hypocrisy of the Hate Industry.

      The Internet will spell the doom of the alphabet soup hate merchants.

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