The SPLC’s New Definition for “Hate Group”

In recent weeks we have noticed a significant uptick in the number of hits on one of this blog’s oldest posts; one explaining the Southern Poverty Law Center’s subjective and legally undefined “hate group” label.

This label, which has absolutely no legal basis, is the SPLC’s most profitable brand name, and has been discussed frequently in the media and on the Blogosphere lately.

Most recently, the wounding of a security guard in Washington, DC, who prevented a murderous shooting spree at the offices of a conservative lobbying group that has been labeled as a “hate group” by Mark Potok of the SPLC, demonstrates just how dangerous these kinds of dehumanizing and inflammatory labels can be.

While “hate group” is Mr. Potok’s most profitable marketing ploy, blood has now been shed due to the irresponsible use of a term that means absolutely nothing in the long run.

In an effort to update our examination of the “hate group” smear we have produced our first video blog post in a conscious effort to move into the world of Media 2.0 and to visually demonstrate just how simple it is to examine Mr. Potok’s numbers and expose them for the crude fundraising propaganda that they are.

Speaking of crude, like most first efforts, this video is admittedly unpolished, but the information is good. Polish will come with practice. Your comments are, as always, most welcome.

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3 Responses to “The SPLC’s New Definition for “Hate Group””

  1. Senator Blutarsky Says:

    I always thought the Red Sox and their fans were just fellow citizens peacefully exercising their rights, including the right to express opinions with which I disagree. How blind I was.Thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center, I now realize what should have been obvious all along – the Red Sox and their followers are a hate group:

  2. rkeefe57 Says:

    Well, think about it. All those “Beat the Yankees” bumper stickers “attack and malign” millions of people because of their immutable characteristics.

    You can bet the SPLC will alert the D HS that a great way to identify “domestic terrorists” is to look for those hate-filled Red Sox bumper stickers. They’ve done it before.

  3. Steve Scroggins Says:

    Richard, when I try to look at the YouTube link, I’m delivered to a Google/YouTube login page. Do I have to have a Google account view the video?  No way to make open to the public?   I have a gmail login… I can try that. Obviously, curiosity viewers who don’t have a Google account may not bother to try and see the video.

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