SPLC — “Fighting Hate” on $106,000 a day

How much do you earn a day? Well, if you’re the Southern Poverty Law Center it turns out that you make about $106,062 a day, mostly in the form of tax-free donations.

That’s $106k a day, every day, 365 days a year…

Or, $4,419 an hour…

Or, $73.65 a minute, every minute of every day.

Remember that next time you get an e-mail from SPLC founder Morris Dees explaining how desperate his group is for cash and how only your generosity can save the nation’s leading civil rights group from disaster.

As the SPLC’s most recent IRS Form 990 explains, the Center enjoyed revenues of $38, 712,628 last year, a modest 11.7% raise from the previous year, just like the raise you probably received too.

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In fact, even after paying more than $14 million in salaries (an average of $61,693 per employee) and another $6.5 million in fundraising costs, the SPLC showed a tidy “non-profit” of $4,147,216, when all the “hate fightin'” was over, or just less than a million more than the “non-profit” it showed the year before.

As Line 22 of the Form 990 shows, the SPLC has less than $240 million in tax-free assets on hand, so get out that checkbook and don’t be stingy.

A one hundred dollar donation will match the SPLC’s revenue stream for about one minute and twenty seconds.

For a cool grand you can boast that you kept the lights on for more than 13 minutes.

With your help, we can take the “poverty” out of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Time is money, people.

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3 Responses to “SPLC — “Fighting Hate” on $106,000 a day”

  1. Steve Scroggins Says:

    With all the worthy causes out there, such as the Wounded Warriors, the USO, the Red Cross, United Way and the local soup kitchen for the homeless and destitute, it’s sad to think there are so many dupes out there sending money—- on the level of $4000 a minute— to the frauds and conmen at SPLC. Their game is so transparent and their wealth is becoming more and more well known… and yet the dupes pay in record amounts. Thanks, RKEEFE, for getting the truth about their wealth and lack of value in front of more readers.

  2. rkeefe57 Says:

    Thanks Steve,

    It really is sad when you think of all the good those donor dollars could do right at home and how many genuinely needy people could be helped where the need is greatest.

    I can show these facts to the donors, lead them right to the documents on the SPLC’s own website but in most cases it won’t do any good. They’ve been reading SPLC propaganda for so long that no matter what evidence you provide some people won’t believe it because they simply can’t accept it.

    Cognitive dissonance is a wonderful thing.

  3. Sunday Wrap-Up « Countenance Blog Says:

    […] *  SPLC burn rate is $1.22 per second. […]

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