SPLC — “Ding! Dong! The Klan is Dead!!”

Which old Klan? Why, the wicked Klan. Who knew?

As it turns out, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s $147,000 donor-dollar-a-year “Intelligence Director,” (read: Public Relations Guru), Mark Potok knew.

Regular readers of Watching the Watchdogs will be familiar with our coverage of Mr. Potok’s proclamations and prognostications, but Mr. Potok’s most recent public statement caught us completely off guard.

Mark Potok began downgrading the threat posed by the Ku Klux Klan several months ago, as we reported here:

“The Klan of today is small, fractured, impotent and irrelevant,” Potok said. (www.timesfreepress.com, September 12, 2010)

“The Klan is a sorry shadow of its former self. It’s common for the KKK to brag about big numbers, but usually they are largely outnumbered by the counter-protesters, Potok said.

Even on the white supremacist scene, the Klan is seen as less important today, he said.” (www.chronicle.augusta.com, October 21, 2010)

But just last week, Mr. Potok drove a stake into the heart of the SPLC’s prime fund-raising bogey-man:

But Potok said the Klan has disintegrated. “There is no Klan now,” he said, only a collection of squabbling organizations. (www.sanluisobispo.com, March 23, 2011)

That’s right folks… It’s official!! Intelligence Director Mark Potok announces that “There is NO Klan now!!”

Considering the tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars the SPLC has garnered over the decades from exploiting the specter of pointy-headed Klansmen roaming the streets of America, it’s almost incomprehensible that Mr. Potok would cut the throat of this most sacred cash cow.

Fortunately for Mr. Potok and the SPLC, it really doesn’t matter what they say or do. Their mostly elderly donors will continue to cut checks, the so-called media will never vet as much as a single Potokian claim, and the SPLC’s coffers will continue to bulge (they now have more than $216 MILLION tax-free dollars in cash on hand)

On February 23, 2011, Mark Potok released his latest “Hate Map,” claiming that there were 221 Klan “groups,” even though he was unable to locate 109 of them on the map.

On March 23, 2011, Mark Potok announced that “There is no Klan now.”

Since Mr. Potok’s “Hate Map” is a simple HTML web page, which any middle-schooler can edit with ease, we can expect that by April 23, 2011, the “Hate Map” numbers will drop accordingly. Right?


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One Response to “SPLC — “Ding! Dong! The Klan is Dead!!””

  1. Apiraven Says:

    Who are the “Loons” going to write their checks to stop now??
    A big sigh of relief that the KKK is gone. Now I can stop checking under the shrubbery every night for those evil pointy headed clowns!!!

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