SPLC — Good Return on Investment?

The SPLC recently released the 2010 edition of its all time fund-raising machine, the spurious “Hate Map.”

The graph used by the SPLC to demonstrate the steady rise of “hate groups” over the past decade looked surprising similar to another SPLC-related graph.

Coincidence, no doubt…

Endowment Fund Levels by Year

Source: SPLC

Still, it seems a bit odd that the more money the SPLC takes in, (more than a third of a BILLION tax-free dollars since 2003), the more “hate groups” they seem to find.

And no matter how much the donors send in, the number of “hate groups” never goes down… not even a little… not once… not ever… in FORTY YEARS…

One has to wonder if the donors are getting a good return on their investment, no?

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