SPLC — $190 MILLION is STILL not enough

Just got the latest fund-raising request from multi-millionaire Morris Dees:

Southern Poverty Law Center

Sept. 15, 2010

Dear Friend,

Continue your role helping the SPLC fight hate and injustice by renewing your membership.

renew now

When you joined the SPLC, you demonstrated that you are committed to the fight against injustice and bigotry. I’m concerned that you have not renewed your support this year.

Hate groups are at record levels — almost 1,000 — and antigovernment “patriot” groups have increased at a startling pace in recent months. We’re vigilantly tracking these potentially dangerous groups and training law enforcement across the country to identify and deal with extremists. Your renewed support would mean so much to the critical projects our investigative team is pursuing.

In recent months, we’ve seen extremists, such as cop-killers Jerry and Joe Kane, take deadly action. The Kanes were members of a rapidly growing radical-right movement — “sovereign citizens” — that may now be 300,000 strong. Since they murdered two Arkansas police officers, we’ve compiled a full dossier on the “sovereign citizens” that we hope will aid law enforcement in identifying these extremists and prevent further violence.

Our Teaching Tolerance project is also doing its part to break the cycle of hate and anger by reaching children with messages of understanding and acceptance before the seeds of hate take root. We’ll begin shipping our latest film and education kit, Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case that Made History, to schools this month. With your renewed support, any school that requests a copy of this invaluable anti-bullying tool will receive one free of charge.

You are crucial to our success in fighting hate, seeking justice and teaching tolerance. Please continue to speak out against hate whenever and wherever you see it. And please renew your membership today.

Morris Dees  photo Sincerely,
Morris Dees
Morris Dees
Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center

P.S. If your renewal gift and this e-mail have crossed, please accept my gratitude for your continued commitment to making a difference in our country.

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It seems that Millionaire Mo, (who made his first million in 1964) is concerned that you didn’t “renew your support” this year.

To hell with the fact that the SPLC has nearly $190 MILLION tax-free donor dollars in its bloated Endowment Fund, or that the Endowment grew by $39 MILLION donor-dollars last year, which is $10 MILLION more than the SPLC bilked out of its mostly elderly donor base, (and $15 MILLION more than if the SPLC retired its no-longer-needed fund-raising battalion, including PR Guru Mark Potok).

“Hate groups,” which has no legal definition and is an entirely meaningless term, “are at record levels,” 932 is somehow “almost 1,000” according to the SPLC’s completely arbitrary and unsubstantiated counting system. and “cop killers” Jerry and Joe Kane are on the rampage. No matter that sad, twisted, 16 year-old Jerry Kane was the trigger-man, if you send the SPLC money today you will prevent the next mentally deficient teenager from pulling the trigger.

Sadly, Millionaire Mo doesn’t quite lay out HOW sending him money will stop the next lone wolf, but that’s not the issue here. Mo has to pay more than 40% of his incoming donor-dollars in salaries, and you need to write that check TODAY, by God. Don’t forget, for every $100 dollar check your blue-haired Granny sends to Uncle Mo, $19 dollars of that amount has to be turned around to garner the NEXT $100 dollar check.

Mo also is short on details when it comes to explaining how sending him your name, address, phone number and e-mail address will help him to “Stand Strong Against Hate,” but no doubt it will and Uncle Mo would NEVER sell your information to another “civil rights watchdog.”

So there it is. $190 MILLION tax-free donor dollars isn’t nearly enough to support the SPLC. True, Mo Dees has gotten more Klansmen OUT of prison than he ever sent there, there is still the fact the 74 year-old multi-millionaire skims the first $303,000 donor-dollars-a-year out of the donor pot to pay his salary, and despite the fact that the “nation’s leading civil rights organization” HAS NEVER hired a person of color to a highly  paid position of power, there is absolutely no reason to expect this “civil rights icon” to work pro bono for the benefit of the REAL poor, Southern or otherwise.

Please give till it hurts. Uncle Mo needs your money today. After all, his “Teaching Tolerance” program supports “Mix It Up Day,” where school kids are encouraged to sit with kids of other ethnic backgrounds in the cafeteria one day a year. Since the executive suite of the SPLC is exclusively white, one has to wonder just who the millionaires of the SPLC “mix it up” with? The janitors? The gardeners?

Uncle Mo puts the “hip” back into “hypocrite”

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