SPLC — “Whites Only” 2010

Richard Cohen

Meet the dedicated men and women of the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to its most recent IRS Form 990, these are the SPLC’s top ten, highest paid executives, their titles and compensation:

Richard Cohen — President/CEO — $344,490
Morris Dees — Founder and Chief Trial Counsel — $348,420
Joseph Levin — Director and General Counsel — $189,166
Rhonda Brownstein — Legal Director — $179,806
Jeff Blancett — Former COO (two years in a row!) — $159,301
Teenie Hutchinson — Chief Financial Officer — $155,414
Wendy Via — Development Director — $140,428
Mark Potok — Intelligence Director — $143,099
Jennifer Holladay –Strategic Affairs — $137,900
Mary Bauer — Director Immigrant Justice — $141,484

Not shown is Michael Toohey, the SPLC’s current COO, $89,975 (the only 5-digit salary on the list). If anyone knows of a public photo of Mr. Toohey, please pass the info along to Watching the Watchdogs.

Does anyone else notice a disturbing pattern here?

NOT ONE of the SPLC’s top ten, highest paid executives is a minority, and certainly not an immigrant!

And yet, “the nation’s leading civil rights organization” preaches incessantly about the never-ending threat of White supremacists and routinely smears anyone who believes in enforcing existing immigration laws as “racist” and “nativist.”

This situation is hardly new. In 1994, the Montgomery Advertiser, that city’s leading newspaper, reported the exact same demographic situation!

(Dan Morse, “Equal Treatment? No blacks in center’s leadership,” Montgomery Advertiser, February 16, 1994)

Earlier this year, the SPLC posted a “diverse” Board of Directors on their web site:

A veritable rainbow of diversity and multiculturalism. Oddly enough, once Watching the Watchdogs initiated a campaign to point out to the Media that all of the esteemed board members, with the exception of Joseph Levin, were unpaid volunteers, the SPLC dropped the images from their web site. Coincidence, no doubt.

Of course, some will say that these “directors” play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of the SPLC, but after reading Morris Dees’ cynical anecdote about how he came to hire Julian Bond as the SPLC’s first “honorary President,” one has to wonder how much influence Mr. Bond wields as an honorary, unpaid Director?

The SPLC even promotes an annual “Mix it Up at Lunch Day,” where, according to their PR press release, “Thousands of schools are set to challenge social and racial boundaries” as their students agree to “take a new seat in the cafeteria” and sit with people of different races and backgrounds.

How exactly do the millionaires who run the SPLC “mix it up”?? Do they “challenge social boundaries” by eating lunch with the 5-digit salary peons? Or racial boundaries by having a sandwich with the janitors and landscaping crew?

And if this situation isn’t ironic (read: hypocritical) enough for you, here’s another picture to ponder:

This Google Maps photo shows downtown Montgomery, Alabama, the cradle of the American Civil Rights Movement and hometown of Rosa Parks. At center left is the SPLC’s multimillion dollar “Poverty Palace,” (marked with the letter “A”), and at top right, the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, Dr. Martin Luther King’s home church at the start of his career.

The millionaire hypocrites at the SPLC can literally plot their next “racists are everywhere” fund-raising project with a view of Dr. King’s home church from their penthouse windows.

The last remaining “Whites Only” sign in Montgomery hangs on the door of the SPLC’s senior boardroom.

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14 Responses to “SPLC — “Whites Only” 2010”

  1. zachriel2 Says:

    Only in your world are Jews not minorities.

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      You got me there, Zach. You’d have to search pretty hard to find any Jewish people in the legal profession, or even at a “non-profit,” for that matter. I’m pretty sure that women are considered minorities too. What was I thinking?

      Zach, I know how desperate you are to ignore these facts, taken directly from SPLC legal documents, but did you really say that one out loud before you typed it?

      It really doesn’t bother you at all that the “leading civil rights organization” simply will not hire people of color to any highly paid positions of power? The best you can come up with is “Oh, yeah? Jews are minorities…”?

      Main Entry: big·ot
      Pronunciation: \ˈbi-gət\
      Function: noun
      Etymology: French, hypocrite, bigot
      Date: 1660

      : a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

  2. Zachriel Says:

    rkeefe57: I know how desperate you are to ignore these facts, taken directly from SPLC legal documents, but did you really say that one out loud before you typed it?

    What facts? That Jewish Americans made common cause with African Americans during the Civil Rights struggles in the U.S? It’s not a secret.

    You’ve apparently been venting about this for months, but you never provide any evidence of discrimination. When we look at the actual history of the organization, we see important work towards the protection of the civil rights of minorities.

    There are laws against discrimination. Sue them.

  3. Zachriel Says:

    rkeefe57: You’d have to search pretty hard to find any Jewish people in the legal profession …

    That Jewish Americans and African Americans made common cause during the Civil Rights Movement is not a secret.

    rkeefe57: It really doesn’t bother you at all that the a “leading civil rights organization” simply will not hire people of color to any highly paid positions of power?

    That’s what you keep insisting, but you don’t provide any evidence of discrimination. You’ve been ranting about this for months, but what we do see is a legacy organization that has done important legal work on civil rights and education about tolerance.

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      “That’s what you keep insisting, but you don’t provide any evidence of discrimination.”

      Zach, I “keep insisting” that there are no minorities among the SPLC’s top ten, highest paid executives because I looked at the names the SPLC provided on their IRS Form 990 and then Googled those names to see if I could find any photos.

      That was my devious methodology and I have posted the results. To date, neither you nor anyone else has demonstrated that my results are inaccurate. The SPLC is run by a cadre of White people, regardless of their religious beliefs.

      What evidence of discrimination would be acceptable to you?

      a. The population of Montgomery, Alabama, was 49% Black and 47% White, according to the 2000 US Census, and while it is possible that the city has become much Whiter since, it still doesn’t strike you as odd that NOT ONE out of ten executives is Black? Out of a population of 200,000?

      b. As the Form 990 also shows, the SPLC execs pay themselves six digit salaries, and while this might be chump change to a good lawyer of any race, seven out of the top ten execs are not lawyers. Does it not strike you as strange that not one qualified Black executive could be tempted to come to work for the “nation’s leading civil rights organization”? Not even a second tier administrator from the NAACP? Out of the entire nation???

      c. This situation is hardly new, Zach. As far back as 1994, the Montgomery Advertiser, that city’s main newspaper was reporting on a lack of minorities at the top of the SPLC ladder.

      Dan Morse, “Equal Treatment? No blacks in center’s leadership,” Montgomery Advertiser, February 16, 1994

      d. Think about it, Zach. Since 1994, the SPLC has spent more than $70 MILLION donor-dollars on fund-raising and public relations. With all that money invested in making the company look good, could it really just be a coincidence that the SPLC has never had a PAID black top executive?

      So I will concede your point that there is no overt evidence of deliberate discrimination, no smoking gun, if you will, but you look at the same evidence and tell me what conclusions you reach.

      If this omission is not deliberate, the SPLC has gone to an awful lot of trouble to make it appear as though it is.

      As for “ranting” about this for months, you are correct again. I started this blog about a year ago to document and debunk the public relations propaganda of the SPLC and the “hate industry.” Watching the Watchdogs has gotten just under 13,000 hits this month alone, which means the information is getting out there.

      I intend to continue this work for a very long time to come.

  4. Zachriel Says:

    Is there a reason our comments no longer appear?

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      My apologies, Zach, for whatever reason, WordPress dumped your comments into the Spam folder automatically.

      I can assure you that I would NEVER ban you, my friend. You’re the best visual aid a guy could ask for!

  5. Zachriel Says:

    My comment never appeared.

    When you ban people, you really should make it clear to your readers (what few you may have), so that when you respond to my comments it doesn’t look as if I don’t have an answer. That would be, well, less than honest.

  6. Zachriel Says:

    rkeefe57: My apologies …

    Fair enough.

  7. Zachriel Says:

    Thank you for your gracious comment on Zachriel’s blog.

    I have, indeed, considered your opinion. You may have some vague resemblance of a point, but it is overdrawn. We would expect a legacy organization with a small number of principals to reflect in many respects the original composition of the organization. Also, because it is a small organization, you can’t reach any statistical conclusions. You would have to show actual discrimination to support your position.

    As for the size of the endowment, it is only natural for people to always want more. Money can be corrupting, but it isn’t prima facie evidence of corruption. The salaries are in line for attorneys working at their level. They don’t charge clients for their legal work, nor do they keep any of the proceeds of successful lawsuits. They rely upon voluntary donations, and are regulated as a non-profit organizaton.

    That just leaves you with suspicions that you present as conclusions.

  8. americangoy Says:

    Well, interesting stuff.

    And, uh, Jews are NOT minorities.
    Neither are Eastern European immigrants.
    I know this because I called a financial aid office and the nice lady told me, the naive lil waif, that while african american and latino kids are minorities, Eastern Euros are not.

    It’s official – call them yourself, Z.

  9. SPLC — “Whites Only” 2010 « Watching the Watchdogs | Civilitasnovus's Blog Says:

    […] via SPLC — “Whites Only” 2010 « Watching the Watchdogs. […]

  10. WR Southington Says:

    Click to access MorrisDeesFactSheet.pdf

  11. Big Hate | American-Rattlesnake Says:

    […] The Capital Research Center, an invaluable resource in exposing left wing philanthropy-which abounds-has a fantastic analysis of the SPLC’s various grifting schemes and attempts to project a public image at complete variance with what it is, i.e. a well-funded organ of doctrinaire leftist thinking and crypto-socialist lies, which functions mostly as a cash trough for its founders and executive officers. It should be noted that despite its rhetoric advocating open borders and multiculturalism, the SPLC Board of Directors is conspicuously monochrome. […]

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