SPLC — Dreaming of a White Christmas

A look at the top officers at the Southern Poverty Law Center as named on pages 11 and 40 of the group’s most recent IRS Form 990, and their annual compensation for 2008.

Richard Cohen -- President/CEO -- $351,648

Morris Dees -- Chief Trial Counsel -- $346,919

Joseph Levin -- General Counsel -- $191,756

Jeff Blancett -- Former Oper. Officer -- $185,305

$185,000 donor dollars for the former Chief Operating Officer?)

Rhonda Brownstein -- Legal Director -- $179,983

Teenie Hutchison -- Chief Financial Officer -- $155,144

Mark Potok -- Intelligence Director -- $143,206

Mary Bauer -- Immigrant Justice-- $141,111

Wendy Via -- Development Director -- $140,469

(Not shown is the SPLC’s $142,639 donor dollar Security and IT chief, Thomas Brinkman)

Given the six-digit salaries these folks are pulling down for their never-ending battle against “hate” (however they choose to define it), it’s pretty obvious that Santa is very good to them every year.
It’s also curious that the world’s leading civil rights organization can’t seem to find a single minority whom they consider to be worthy of a top management position.
Funny that an organization that spends tens of thousands of donor dollars promoting “Mix It Up” Day in America’s school cafeterias seems to believe that “diversity” ends at the Boardroom door.
Some things just never seem to change much in Montgomery.
Happy New Year, SPLC, no doubt all your Christmases will continue to be white.

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45 Responses to “SPLC — Dreaming of a White Christmas”

  1. jewamongyou Says:

    But one of them looks like she could be Italian…

  2. ridgel Says:

    Looks about as diverse as the board of the Federal Reserve.

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    […] It pays to be a poverty advocate. (HT: Vox Day) […]

  4. americafarm Says:

    Mark Potok went on RadioFreeMississippi last year and pretended to be baffled about why people think the SPLC is a Jewish organizatin. He admitted his own father was Jewish, but that doesn’t count, of course, and he denied that Morris Seligman Dees is Jewish. I guess he “forgot” about Richard Cohen!

  5. jason bourne Says:

    these people are the same racist white hating trash as our president

  6. Instapundit » Blog Archive » WHO’S WHITER? The Tea Party, or the Southern Poverty Law Center? Heck, the SPLC is whiter than a b… Says:

    […] WHITER? The Tea Party, or the Southern Poverty Law Center? Heck, the SPLC is whiter than a bunch of MSNBC hosts at a Broadview Security commercial […]

  7. jgreene Says:

    The SPLC is a left wing anti American Democrat Party “water-carrier” and propagandist masquerading as an independent watchdog.

    They sure make nice salaries don’t they?

  8. Which Group is Whiter: TEA Party or SPLC? » Blogs For Victory Says:

    […] like it would be the Southern Poverty Law Center: Given the six-digit salaries these folks are pulling down for their never-ending battle against […]

  9. Ken Mitchell Says:

    “Doing well by doing good!”

    Too bad that the “Southern Poverty Law Center” seems more to PROMOTE southern poverty than to work against it.

  10. Russ Tibbitts Says:

    This gives a whole new dimension to the word “poverty.”

  11. These People Are Heroes Says:

    Hey kids, Race Hustling is open to awkward-looking white people, too!

  12. Robert Says:

    I think it needs to be said, Mark Potok either needs to dye his eyebrows a single matching color or shave them both the hell off. He looks ridiculous.

    I’m also calling out the SPLC for sexism. The guys make loads more than the chicks. Except Potok. To his credit he likes being among the ladies. Surrounded by them. Fist raised in solidarity.

  13. Jared Rhoads Says:

    Much less “diverse” than the 62 pro-freedom medical students to whom we have awarded self-defense kits over the last few years. See:


  14. dee Says:

    You people are sooo ignorant…..this group does has done a plethora of good.

    Until you have been called a “nigger” while waiting in your car for a light to change, followed by security in Saks, or told you were too dark to be a receptionist at a lilly white company, you need to shut your mouths.

    And…you people throw words around like leftist, marxists you have no idea of the meanings.

    Where were you good white americans when that idiot Bush and Cheney were running America in the ground??

    I think those two and people like them hate this country..not Morris Dees.

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      Dee, just explain to us simple folk how a world famous “civil rights” organization can be located in Montgomery, Alabama, the very cradle of the American Civil Rights movement, home to Rosa Parks and LITERALLY in the back yard of Dr. King’s own Dexter Avenue Baptist Church…


      These names and numbers didn’t come from the Klan or the American Nazi Party, they came directly from the SPLC’s own IRS Form 990, which is posted on the SPLC’s own web site.

      The photos came from Google, and all of them are from SPLC fund raising events.

      If you have such a problem with “lily white companies,” why not start with your heroes at the SPLC?? They’re the most profitable “non-profit” in the country.

  15. WJ Alden Says:

    Sorry, did you mean Christmas, or Hanukkah?

    Funny how an organization is targetted as racist if it’s disproportionately white, unless those whites are disproportionately Jews, when it then gets cred as having a large number of “ethnic minorities,” as though Salvadorans and Somali Bantus should be proud.

    But no anti-Semitism here. I’ll stop the Jewish bean-counting when Jews, 80% of whom vote Democrat, leave the party that favors racial discrimination against whites.

  16. oldguy Says:

    It seems the overiding phlosophy of this whole progressive movement is the product of left-wing Jews.

  17. Sam L. Says:

    I made a contribution to a worthy organization…and since then have received donation appeals from the SPLC and NAACP. There will be no 2nd contribution.

  18. Ben Blankenship Says:

    Imagine, a-la Broadview: The single mom says goodnight to a friend, locks the front door, pushes the button activating the home alarm system, and then suddenly encounters a maniac who has just broken down the door. The alarm rings, and then the telephone: “Hello!!!”

    “Hi, this is your finance company calling about your last payment…”

    She immediately hangs up, reaches into her bedside nightstand, pulls out her pistol and calmly shoots the intruder right between the eyes.

    –ACLU should stop this ad. It discriminates against appearances by everyone except whites.

  19. sherlock Says:

    Too funny, from Instapundit: “As white as a bunch of MSNBC anchors at a Broadview Security commercial burglars convention.” Could have added “… who were interviewing the Directors of the SPLC, attending the convention to eradicate any implicit racism.”

  20. Chris Says:

    I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor. I used to think being rich was better. I’d like to try the SLPC version of Poverty for a few years!

  21. Tex Taylor Says:

    Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Shirley Sherrod, Morris Dees…

    “Heroic” SHAKEDOWN!

  22. Cicero Says:

    Too bad you didn’t show pictures and salaries of the staff in the SPLC’s mailroom. Most are black, many have college degrees, many have worked there for years at salaries that are only a tiny fraction of what their white bosses make.

  23. Fuzzlenutter Says:

    The only black people at the SPLC are the ones who bring them coffee and clean their offices at night.

    SPLC: America’s True Racists…

  24. Gateway Pundit Says:

    […] the “hate” in America and working for “civil rights.” But a new website, Watching the Watchdogs, has tracked down the salaries and identities of SPLC’s top officers and it is interesting to […]

  25. pjean Says:

    The tide is turning in America and TRUTH will not be excused or denied any longer.

  26. Matt G Says:

    I’m not interested in promoting hate. I don’t hate the mission of the SPLC. I hate the methods that involve siding with a single party (Because we’re all about oppressing the poor, if we’re not Democrats?), and assuming that if you’re not with them, you’re a hater.

    I can’t think of any group of people that I have any hatred for, based on race, ethnicity, country of origin, or socioeconomic status. I wonder if that doesn’t make me an mine more inclusive than they and theirs. Hell, I’ll include THEM.

  27. Big Frank Says:

    Typical for ultra liberal elitist snobs who think ‘ordinary’ folks are not capable of thinking, governing, or doing anything on their own. only the Liberal, Leftists know what is ‘good’ for them. Ask them and they will give you some sort of BS & PC answer. Instead of looking down in pity why not practice what one preaches, fat chance of that happening.

  28. creditman Says:

    Seems like the SPLC doesn’t have much to to with southern poverty.

    Well it’s just another deceiving leftist organization.

    Remember in November, the mantra of Chicago: Vote early and often!

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  30. Truthfairy Says:

    The only racist are the ones who donate money to these hypocritical charlitans .They are also the only ones who think the SPLC has any validity. NOT the majority of citizens who are now on to them and their money scam.

  31. FeFe Says:

    I searched their site in vain for addresses or web sites of the white racist groups/individuals they designate in Maryland. Couldn’t find any specific information or local reports about activity. However, the black group is well known. Very fishy.

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      No, you probably won’t. On April, 2009, the SPLC’s Minister for Propaganda and National Enlightenment, Mark Potok, told SanLuisObispo.com that “…inclusion on the list might come from a minor presence, such as a post office box.”

      In 2009, I exposed the SPLC’s “Hate Map” for the fund-raising tool it really was. At that time, 127 of their alleged “hate groups” weren’t even identified by town or city, they just floated out there in Limbo. We all knew those “groups” were really, really there because the SPLC said so.

      This year, apparently after reading my posts, they got smarter and actually attached locations to most of the homeless “hate groups,” but it’s still not unusual for them to locate the same groups in the same city 2 or 3 times. Any group interested in immigration reform is a “hate group,” and then there is the beautifully vague “general hate” category.

      And yet the Media never questions one single SPLC “fact.”

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  33. Steve Says:

    Wonder if they are going to “spread their wealth” to the ‘po folk?


  34. Southern Poverty Law Center Won’t Hire Blacks « Counterculture Con HQ Says:

    […] all about exposing the “hate” and working for “civil rights” in America. But a new website, Watching the Watchdogs, has tracked down the salaries and identities of SPLC’s top officers and it is interesting to […]

  35. Derick Smith Says:

    The SPLC should go down to the local Clan be fitted for honorary White hoods. They clearly do not allow people of color, to rise to positions of prominence within their organization.

  36. rkeefe57 Says:

    Thank you for your kind comment. It’s encouraging to know that the information is making its way around the world!

  37. Wild Growth in Extremist, Anti-Government Groups in America… Or Is There? : Stop The ACLU Says:

    […] It turns out that the SPLC has few minorities working for it. Last August a website called Watching the Watchdogs looked up all the salaries and identities of the SLPC’s top officers and didn’t find a […]

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    […] is all about exposing the "hate" and working for "civil rights" in America. But a new website, Watching the Watchdogs, has tracked down the salaries and identities of SPLC's top officers and it is interesting to note […]

  39. Immigration Advicers Hackney Says:

    This excellent website certainly has all the info I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

    • rkeefe57 Says:

      Thank you. I have cited all of my sources, the vast majority of which come directly from the SPLC, so please feel free to use any information you may find useful.

  40. A Short History of Jewish-Extremist Involvement in the Destruction of America | David Duke Says:

    […] Source: SPLC — Dreaming of a White Christmas […]

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    […] It turns out that the SPLC has few minorities working for it. Last August a website called Watching the Watchdogs looked up all the salaries and identities of the SLPC’s top officers and didn’t find a minority […]

  42. There’s good money in poverty | Vox Popoli Says:

    […] least, at the Southern Poverty Law Center. They’re certainly not poor and they don’t look all that Southern […]

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